Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'll Bid you Not a Fond Farewell

I’ll bid you not a fond farewell,
Instead I say hello
To the freedom I now have
As I watch you go
For ten long months you tormented me
You filled my life with fear
But now you’re gone and I am free
And I’m the one still here!
So take your small mind with you,
And your insecurities as well,
Go live your life somewhere else
Imprisoned in your self-made hell!

~Kathie Adams Brown (April 10, 2013)


  1. That moment when you realize how good it feels to see them leave. Well done!

    1. mbquilts, thank you! Not a husband or a lover, this was about a nasty neighbor, but take it anyway you like! It's obviously applicable to many situations!

  2. Replies
    1. Ruth, me too! it was a long 10 months but in the end, he was the one who had to leave.

  3. Nice, Kathe ~~ Thanks, too, for the "who it was" explanation. I was afraid to ask, but was relieved that the 10 months ruled Gus out. I did think of my neighbor who would fit the bill except for a longer time.

    I also doubted it was the bird in your picture. Not you, a bird lover.
    My bird friend I did miss, sorely:
    The Friend I Miss

    Best wishes with the NaPo, you're looking fine.

    1. Jim, thanks! I keep trying to keep with the program but I am finding it hard to get it all done in time. Plus, sometimes I just want to write what I want to write! Thanks for stopping by again! I'm always pleased to see your icon/avatar here!


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