Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Valediction for Trudy

Trudy 2008

Even now I see your face
Faded blue eyes shining with Joy
As you show me the oriole on your feeder.

Long ago you nurtured
-this bird love in my heart,
--this God love in my heart,
--this love for all of nature.

I remember the last time I saw you,
Shrunken and gnome-like
With the pink, leathery skin of old age,
Yet eyes that still shone like a child’s.

Oh how I loved you, and love you still.
I think of you now like a constant thing,
Like birds, and God’s Love.

I knew the last time I saw you
It would be our last good-bye,
You were 102 then—time had run out on you.
I hugged you tight while tears
streamed down my face in a flood.

I could tell I was but a faded memory
In your aged mind,
But, you still loved me,
 you still loved God,
and you still loved the birds.

I wanted to hold you so tight
as if my love could keep you
from the inevitable.

How is it that you are gone from this life,
Yet still so alive in my heart?

In the birds I see everyday
—I  see you,
—I see Love.

If parting is such sweet sorrow,
Then remembering is sweeter still,
And saying Good-bye is but a brief moment in time.

~For Trudy Smith (read more here)

~Kathie Adams Brown (April 6, 2013)


  1. What a lovely tribute!

    1. hooksie, thank you. It was a privilege to know her!

  2. Such a beautiful and heartfelt remembrance! It's so wonderful when you have someone in your life with whom to share an interest.

    1. Lolamouse, yes it is! And I like poets as well as birders!

  3. Your sweet poem really conveys the "how" of a shared love helping a shared life to survive even the separation of death. And thank you for introducing us to Trudy!

    1. michaelino, Thank YOU for this warm and wonderful comment!

  4. I know your feelings and comments well having lost my dad (too soon) a number of years ago. I wrote this poem right after he died.

    It is hard to understand that dying is a natural part of living as being born. The living are left to cherish memories.

  5. Loch Rob, I know all too well that death is just part of the cycle of life. Trudy lived a long and full life and I am not sorry for her, but I still miss her. The tragedy of death is when it happens prematurely or violently. I am so sorry that you lost your dad so soon. Regardless of how he died, I know that you will always miss him, and that you will always remember him. For me, writing this poem is just my way of making sure Trudy is not forgotten and telling the whole world how thankful I am that I knew her. It is also my way of saying good-bye, since she did not have a funeral. This is my memorial to her.

  6. Hi Kathie

    I first read this on Kathie's Birds and rereading it here I like it even more.


    1. Guy, thank you. I could not get it to format correctly over there (I use Live Writer for that blog) and I wanted to have it in both places.


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