Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Remember the Girl

You look at me and what do you see?
White hair, thick middle, varicose veins?
I am getting old, it’s true.
We all do
But inside I am young, fierce, and passionate!
I can remember my long brown hair,
My slender waist,
My muscular legs.
I can remember leaping a brook,
jumping from stone to stone like a doe.
I can remember running through green pastures full of waist high grass
My long hair streaming behind me like a mane,
feeling as frisky as a young filly.
I can remember climbing trees like a monkey and
gazing down through the foliage at the ground
so far below.
I can remember swimming strong in the ocean,
Riding waves on my belly,
And rolling up on the sand to the sounds of seagulls calling.
Yes, I was young once—we all are;

And I can remember the girl.

~kathie adams brown (April 24, 2013)


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