Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Contrast in Habitats

Part 1: New England

I love autumn’s blaze of color thrown across the hills,
I love the sound of trickling water tumbling down the rills,
I love tall pines in winter standing stark against the snow,
I like the little villages dressed up for Christmas show,
I love crocuses in springtime with peep frogs heard throughout the land
And in the summer I like to watch waves pounding on the sand.
I love maple sugaring in spring and apple picking in the fall,
I love New England’s old red barns and lumpy gray stone walls.
I love New England churches standing tall and white on the town green,
I love a quiet woodland walk where no one else has been,
With so many things to like, including pastures full of cows,
Why is that I find myself living in the desert now?

Part 2: The Desert

I love the feathery green foliage of our native desert trees
And city ponds filled with ducks and occasionally some grebes,
I like the craggy mountains that encircle me in town,
I like the Monsoon rains when they come pouring down,
I love pale green saguaros standing tall against the sky,
I love the murmur of Gambel’s quail as they are passing by,
I love the lizards in my yard climbing everywhere,
I love the sight of nighthawks as they slice through evening air,
I love looking up and seeing stars shining in the night,
Twinkling in the darkness and sending down their light,
I love a place where all year round I watch the flowers bloom,
A place where I can live outside in an outdoor room,
I love hummingbirds in winter, and not having to shovel snow,
If I love this desert life so much, why would I ever go?

~Kathie Adams Brown (April 8, 2013)


  1. Hi Kathie

    I liked the contract between the two locations. There was lots to like in both settings.


  2. Guy, indeed there is! Thank you!


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