Monday, June 30, 2008

My Grandfather

(Photo by Kathie, June 30, 2008 Nikon D80, sepia tone.)

He could fill a door frame
standing tall with his fedora,
leaning on his cane,
pipe between his mustached lips,
smoke curling around him
in a pungent hug.

I hold the old cane now
in my stucco southwest home
far from the doors of New England
and the good earth that he rests in
next to my nana
his only love.
~Kathiesbirds (June 30, 2008)
Happy Birthday Nana who would be 102 today if she were still alive.

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  1. Thank you, Kathie. The ache never goes away, does it? The price we pay for loving and being loved.

  2. Thank you Sandy. I don't ache so much anymore but savor his memory like fine wine. I like to hold his cane and think of him. I like to think his strength and character are passing into me. I hope that he is proud of me, wherever he is.

  3. Hi Kathie -- Wow! This brings me memories, many I'm sure are in a similar vein as yours.

    Dad had my grandfather's cane. Now I have my dad's and my grandfather's cane. Dad died a year ago March.

    His cane was brought back with us from Spain. He really treasured that cane, it had a little carving around the handle but nothing fancy at all. When someone commented about it, he would say "Jim brought it too me from Spain."
    BTW Dad quit smoking when I was about ten, he would have been 31. I quit smoking when I was in my early 30's.
    Grandpa? He chewed tobacco until the day of his death. His front teeth were yellowed and ground flat from taking the chaws.
    Thank you, I needed your poem. Thanks also for your visit and nice comment. I don't have many other poems on my blogs; they aren't labeled as such, except for this one.

  4. Such a nice memorial to your grandfather.
    Thank You.

  5. The shot of the cane works so well with your poem.
    It always makes me feel so good when I read about that kind of love. Very nice, Kathie.

  6. It's the stuff that's imbued with memories and the mind holds snapshots of emotions.

  7. This was so sweet. Thank you for sharing such heartfelt words and the perfect photo.

  8. So lovely. The image fits the poem so well too!

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  9. Beautiful poem here, put together with a perfect photo. I'll bet they are both very proud of you.

  10. Happy birthday to your Nana. whatr a lovely dedication

  11. I lost my Grandpa a couple of years ago to Cancer. My Grandma has a couple of canes; one of them was his. She calls them both Doug, and takes him walking wherever she goes.

    Thank you for moving me.

  12. Hi everyone. I had no idea when I wrote about my grandfather or his cane that I would stir up so many things in other people's hearts. I'm glad this poem touched you all and I thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. My Grandfather died when I was only 13. He was 68 and my nana was 63. She lived to be 93 but never remarried. She loved him all of her life.

    Jim, thank you for sharing your story about your father and grandfather and their cane. It made me smile and I'm glad you gave up smoking!

    maekitso, so sorry about the loss of your grandfather, but I love the story of your grandmother and her canes named Doug! It made me smile to read that. I can just see her stepping out with him! What a sweet way to keep him close to her heart!

  13. so very beautiful... always amazed how we hold so dear those things of people who have passed... for me it was my great grampa's apron made outta old flour bags.. he only wore it when he made tortillas.. we would sit around anxiously waiting for those fresh tortillas.. a dear friend of mine recently past.. 96 she was.. recently had her estate sale and was able to retrieve a few little things.. i know she is gone, but the memories hold tight.. thank you...

  14. onemorebeliever, what a touching story. Having something so concrete to bring back those intangible memories is priceless. I can almost see your great grandpa making those tortillas from your desciption. I can feel the love in your words.

  15. Lovely, lovely poem. It's interesting how sometimes a thing can hold such intense memories for us - not really because of it's use - but because of it's connection. A cane, I guess - like my own - becomes an extension of us and therefore in memory is a bit like having a piece of the person that is still tangible. Don't know if that made any sense. I hope someday someone will treasure my cane as you treasure your grandfather's. Beautiful poem and photo.

  16. What a lovely tribute. I agree with Sandy C. the ache never does go away but neither does the person that we miss and still love. They are just in another place.

    Sending hugs,Geraldine

  17. What a lucky lady to have a love so dear that you always have him near.

  18. Thanks for sharing your memories in such a lovely way.


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