Friday, June 20, 2008

Best Dressed Flowers In the Garden

The clematis is a bridal gown,

the spiderwort a hat,

the creeping thyme a chorus

asking of the weed, "what's that?"

~Kathiesbirds (6-20-08)

Once again I was inspired by someone else's blogpost. I wrote this one today after visiting Nature Girl's Blog. To see the photos that inspired this poem, click here.


  1. Kathie I LovE your poem!
    We all inspire one another I think within our wonderful community of bloggers! hugs NG :)

  2. I love this photo. The shutter separates the subtle shading, and celebrates it! I am just back from your other blog - Wow! I added both you and Nature Trail to my blogroll. Really nice work!! Thank you for sharing. Bonnie

  3. Nature Girl, you are welcome, Glad you liked it.

    bonnie story, Thank you so much! My husband too the shutters phot but I wrote the poem.

  4. This is a delightful song!

    To answer your question at OSI, anyone can offer a prompt. We like to showcase your work on the Sunday your prompt runs, so if you make a suggestion, please note when it appears and send us a poem by the Saturday before (We like to be done the night before!) If you want to include a photo, send that, too.

    Thanks for asking and God bless.

  5. Thanks Sandy. I'll think of something!


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