Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Silver Song of the Desert: OSI

The silver song of the desert,
from the black throat of a bird,
a sparrow sitting in sunlight
on an arid desert morn
perched near a cactus thorn
its melody floating around me,
its presence a mystery still,
this silvery voice in the desert
is calling me, calling me,

~Kathiesbirds (June 22, 2008)

Prompt 17: Melody


  1. I love anything desert and this is wonderfully written! So evocative.

  2. Beautifully written. Even the sparrows are full of mystery. Thanks for this,Kathie.
    Writing in Faith: Poems

  3. What a great use of this wonderful prompt, just lovely. The photo was perfect too.

  4. Lovely. I feel the pull of the "silvery voice calling me, calling me."

  5. You have captured the mystery of the bird with that special direct look in its eye. And the mention that it is calling you speaks volumes of the lure of nature. Great picture, a truth in words; a melodic combination!

  6. Beautiful photo and poem. As I read it, it made me feel as if I were there....

  7. The lure of the desert - great work!

  8. Pretty poem, and photo. My husband and I are headed to New Mexico when he retires. I already have my southwest field guide, so I looked the bird up.

  9. somehow that little sparrow looks proud, doesn't she?

  10. Oh dear, Kathie -

    I commented and then realized my son had borrowed my computer - thus I commented under his name instead of mine - thus the above deleted comment! Sorry 'bout that!

    What I meant to say under my name was:

    (sigh) Such lovely words and photo. I can see ~where~ you poem comes from...your heart!

  11. Love the idea of melody having colour..the silver song...silvery voice...I can just hear and feel it

  12. I love the cadance of this, a melody in itself!

  13. "...silver song of the desert..." lovely image and song-poem.

  14. ...beautiful voice of a bird song... the desert is a very special place always thought so... your poem is a wonderful description of that very place...

  15. ..the song of a sparrow!
    ..thank u for this..

  16. If you could only hear this bird sing, you would know what I mean. If you walk through the desert and it flies up before you it often makes a sound like tiny silvery bells. It is the bird I wrote about in the poem below called Desert Cathedral. I can just imagine a whole flock of these birds as the bell choir!

    Thank you everyone for your kind and encouraging comments. I will be around to visit all of you now!

  17. In 1979, I completed a canyon expedition through Otward Bound in the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico. I loved the desert before from all the Westerns I had seen and read, but I loved it even more just being out there! Hollywood could never do it justice.
    I loved your desert poem, it brought back memories.
    Thank You.

  18. That was lovely, Kathie! Sounds like you and your husband are quite the team with birdwatching, photography and poetry. :)


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