Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Old Barn

(New England Barn in my Memory; graphite on paper scketch 1997 by Kathie)

Through the doorway
of the old red barn
a memory lingers
in the fragrant bales
stacked to the ceiling,
while below in their
the pungent odor of
milk and manure
rises from
black and white
cud-chewing contentment
on the hoof.

~Kathiesbirds (June 30, 2008)


  1. This is lovely. I grew up a farm and its about this time of year when my grandfather would cut the hay, and then after leaving it to dry for a few days, he would hitch our two old work horses to the hay wagon and then the fun would being. Brothers and cousins and I would help make the hay and as the rick got full to the top we would dive into it to survive the drive through the barn doors. I think I wanted to write about my grandfather somehow after having read your beautiful poem on your grandfather's cane. When I was in my teens my parents divorced and we moved from the farm and I seldom saw my grandfather after that. Both of your pieces brought to the surface, fragments of memories of him again.

    Your art work is lovely. I am trying to find courage to post some of mine.

  2. I have good memories of having spent quite a bit of my childhood in the farms and few lingering memories of the barn too.

    Enjoyed this, thank you.

  3. Ann, I'm so glad the poem brought back so many good memories for you. My grandfatehr died when I was 13, so I only knew him for a short span of my life. While he was very strict, he was also kind and I do have found memories of him. It is his old cow barn that I am recalling in this poem. I wrote it the same day as the prompt for OSI but I wanted to publish the other one first since it was Nana's birthday. Please do publish your art work. I took a risk inspired by Bookbabie and I'm so glad I did.

    indicaspecies, I'm glad to help you recall happy memories also. I did not live on this farm, but visited it regularly. The illustration is just a compilation of memories and not an actual place.

  4. You were right Kathie I do like them all. You are a very good poet. I just keep forgetting that you have two separate sites. I'll try and remember from now on. Pappy

  5. Hey Tex, no pressure! I just thought you would like these 2 poems! I'm glad that you did.

  6. I´m a city boy, but I can really feel the smell of the farm from that text!


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