Thursday, June 12, 2008

Skywatch Friday: Things That Sway

(Photo by Kathie, June 12, 2008 6:23 p.m. MST)

I love things that sway in the wind;
The flowing grass,
The dancing trees,
The willow boughs,
The bamboo leaves,
All caught in a breeze,
Or windy gale,
Toss and sway
And sigh and shake,
Reflected in an azure lake--
Their fluid motions
Their restless leaves
Reflected in my inner sea.

~kathiesbirds (27 February 2008)

Purple Fountain Grass and Whirling Butterflies (guara).
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  1. A beautitul post, Kathie. Love the deep blue sky.

  2. Lovely photos and poetry. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful poem and beautiful skies! Such a lovely blue.

  4. What a nice shot and the poem so fitting

  5. perfect catch for Sky Watch Friday! earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books…. Mine’s up too hope you can drop by but if you already visited then thanks.

  6. This is my kind of shots.

  7. That last shot is a poem in itself! Nicely done.

  8. I like the idea of the flag in the picture. Nice shots. Have a nice weekend.

  9. I am a big big fan of your poetry... I look forward to reading more next week.. a beautiful SW post..

    Thank you for joining in with Sky Watch this week and helping to make it special.

    Tom :O)

  10. great shots and I really like your sky watch from last week, what a great painting

    Postcards from the clouds

  11. Lovely pictures ! Romantic I would say !

  12. I love how you've managed to capture the essence of the poem in a photo. I try and try to capture the wind in a photo up here, but I've not really managed it yet. Well done!

  13. Beautiful pictures and lovely poem :)!

  14. Happy Sky Watch for Friday.....I love all the things that sway and the poem is wonderful....lovely blue colors in your sky....we have rain and more rain....come and see my bride in the sky..if you already visited then thanks...cheers

  15. You have awakened my "inner sea" :) Thanks!

  16. Lovely photos and poetry!
    Nice swf post.

  17. Thank you one and all. It cheers me up to know you enjoy the poetry as well as the photos and artwork.

  18. Oh, how could I have missed this? I have your other site bookmarked and have forgotten to return here after my first visit. The swaying grass, and your words remind me of my daily walk through our meadow. I love it especially when there is a slight breeze and everything is alive with flow and movement that blends everything all together; grasses and wildflowers, dragonflies, bugs and butterflies. This is a great sky watch entry!

  19. Very beautiful words and photos. I love many of the same things. Glad I stopped by.


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