Sunday, June 15, 2008

Purple Martin Home

Purple Martins and Saguaro photo by Kathie, June 12, 2008

Purple martins fly
wings that slice through azure sky
green saguaro home
~kathie (June 15, 2008)

One Single Impression prompt 16: Transience or Permanence.


  1. Beautiful, both photos and words. Especially the words for they are lovely!

  2. Kathie, lovely words and photo of purple martins! :D

  3. Me ann my camera, thank you. You know I love words!

    the teach, nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by! I'm trying to nurture my inner poet as well and my love of nature!

  4. What an amazing photo and a lovely haiku.

  5. wings that slice through azure sky

    Picture perfect.

  6. I've never seen purple martins before - nice find - and I like the swaying grasses below too.

  7. Raven, thank you.

    arreet krsna, what a nice thing to say!

    Ackworth born, Well, I am pleased to show them to you. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I'm glad you liked "Things that Sway" also.

  8. Lovely haiku to accompany your Purple Martins. These are new to me. Thanks for introducing me!

  9. First of all let me just say I'm great.
    Glad and much happy for your comments too.

    Even if it is said portuguese are a people of poets (and between us that is a big lie), I wouldn't be no match for your talented comments!

    Maybe next Friday I'll be around for SKY WATCH. It is really fun, but since I was having a big weekend I thought the best thing to do was to stay out.

    Even when I'm around it's not easy to visit all those bloggers ... but whatever happens I'll always have time for those that miss me!

  10. we are housing 3 families of purple martins in our faux gourds & i have always wondered what they nest in more naturally...thank you for showing me in beauty of words & photo!

  11. Oh it is beautiful-both the photo and the haiku! I have never seen purple martins around a saguaro. I see you are in Tucson? I am a snowbird in Tucson and summers in Wisconsin. Small word

  12. oops, make that a small world. And my mandala blog for OSI.

  13. Lovely, and special for me. Purple martins are a favorite of my mom, who used to build them nesting boxes when I was young.

  14. Very pretty!!! I love this new poety/art/photo blog Kathie!!!! I am about to add it to my daily reading list :)!

  15. Willthinkforwine, always glad to introduce you to some new birds as well as a new poem!

    quintarantino, glad you are well. I'll be back to visit you again.

    glad I made you smile!

    And yes, getting around the blogosphere is very time consuming and you are a marathon man!

    qualcosa di bello, I'm so glad to enlighten you, though I didn't know myself until a few years ago. I actually saw my first purple martins in the Mountains of Utah where they nested in the holes of trees. The whole saguaro thing was new to me when I moved here last year, but now I look forward to their retrun in the spring, for they are migratory and travel south for the winter. They are only here for a brief time. Thus, they fit this week's theme of transience or permanence.

    teric, welcome! I have never been to Wisconsin but I have a friend who has lived there for over 30 years. Perhaps someday I will get to visit your lovely state. Thank you for visiting my blog! Where do you stay when you are in this area?

    gardenpath, what a nice memory!

    gautami tripathy, Thank you. BTW, I am always yearning.

    srcapebookides, so glad you came to visit my Poet Tree! I was hoping you would like it!

  16. I really really am drawn to your words and the photo is great. I love the simplicity of this....

  17. I have only seen purple martins nesting in man-made boxes; it is nice to know where their natural habitat is. Nice haiku and the image of wings slicing is very good.

  18. ok, so there's hope for me - my 5-7-5 pattern is yours as well. At least my haiku, though the words aren't as fine as yours, has the same cadence.
    Thank you!


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