Saturday, February 12, 2011

Inner Strength

That muscled oak
Outside my window
Lifting strong gray arms
To hold up the sky
Lifts me up also
When I feel weak

~Kathie Adams Brown 2-5-11


  1. Kathie! I remember you used to have birds! Now you have poems.
    Well, I just came in time. Your poem is about oak. I most definitely agree!

  2. Oh wow! When I read this, I immediately thought of Ces. And lo! She is here! She can sniff out an oak anywhere. Beautiful poem.

  3. Hello again, friend! Yes, we both wait again with muscled oaks. So you have left the land of brave you are! Good to see you again.
    **kisses** Deb

  4. Ces, so nice to see you! I do still have birds but they are on my other blog, Kathie's Birds. I'm so glad you came and read my oak tree poem!

    Bella, what fun! I love it when we get unexpected surprises like this!

    Deb, we will both need those strong-armed oaks while our sons are away. Perhpas we will be oaks for each other! P.S. I am missing that AZ sunshine and warmth right about now!

  5. trees are wonderful magic
    lovely that you have a friend in this one~

  6. Tammie, thank you! Trees have personalities to me!


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