Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Endless Winter

Ice-coated dreams
Running down the windows
Running down the walls
Encasing all in its dripping grip
Of an endless winter.

~Kathie Adams Brown 2-5-11


  1. Your poetry is evocative and beautiful. Icicles drip as the sun get stronger...the end is in sight! In a couple of weeks you will hear red-winged blackbirds in your swamp. They are my harbingers of spring.

  2. Hi Kathie ~~ This is a very nice poem. I love reading of those dreams running down the windows, freezing there awaiting for you in the spring thaw. Your picture is sooooooo fitting with your words. Of course you knew that!

    You sure did surprise me with the move to New England. I hope you like it. I did back in the early 60's when I lived in Manchester, New Hampshire. We would drive by Andover on our way to Boston which I liked a lot too.

    I'm wondering if you picked up and left the desert on a whim or have some family or other ties in N.E.

    At any way and where enjoy your living there. In a way I envy you. But as I tell people, "I left two snow shovels up north, one in New England and one in Nebraska."

    I am sorry to get back answering your comment from the week before on my OSI poem. I am missing you there. My excuse for the late posting this week and returning comments just now is that Monday we picked up and left for Old England (London) for three weeks. Our daughter's job is here now and her family moved with her.

  3. We have that--and the mercy of the Weather Channel to tell us this few days of 50-degree weather has been a temporary respite. Good to have friends to soften the blow! And how the wind does blow!

    Spring comes.

  4. Ruth, in the west the Western meadowlark is the harbringer of spring and what a lovely song it sings from its fencepost perch! Oh, I love that sound and miss it!

    Jim, so nice to hear from you again. No apologies or excuses necessary! We moved here for my husband's job but still own our home back in Tucson as we could not sell it. Perhaps we will return there someday. It is rented out right now.

    I hope you have fun in London. come back and visit whenever you can. You are always welcome here!

    Sandy Carlson, so simply stated, it is the truth. I even spied some skunk cabbage sprouts in the woods yesterday!

  5. Hi Kathie

    The more I read this poem the more I like it and the more I get out of it. The combination of ice and dreams really is effective.
    I have taken the liberty of linking to your blogs.

    Thanks Guy

  6. Guy, I am so glad my poem touched you in such a way. Thank you for linking to my blog!


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