Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aroostook County Winter

The sun shone today.
It glistened and sparkled on the snow.
The wind blew cold upon me
And I felt trapped.
No longer does the beauty
Of this place touch me
The isolation has become a trap.
I feel that I must flee, but,
Where to?
What do I want?
Where is the place
That I can call Home?

~Kathiesbirds (1-22-98)


  1. You captured that winter feeling well! Our snow banks are high andits difficult to get to our bird feeders and to move around the yard and Bird Alley.

    Welcome to winter east!!!! We endure it each winter. Spring soon? Yes, I hope.

  2. This is a very creative and beautiful, enjoyed it :)
    Short Poems

  3. Ann, I know you understand! I wrote that poem when we lived in Aroostook County, ME while we were going to college there! I have not seen such a hard winter since then until now. At least it should warm up and melt sooner down here in Massachusetts! You have my sympathies!

    Mariela, thank you!

  4. :( Halfway through February. Hang in there. The forsythias will soon bloom.

  5. Bella, thank you. I would love to see some forsythia. It has been a long time since I have seen it! I love pussy willows also!


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