Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And the Dragon Roars

I live beneath the dragon’s lair
I listen to him roar
I hear him daily stomp his feet
Above me on his floor
He spews his venom on the world
No matter whom you are
He doesn’t care whom he burns
Or if he leaves a scar
For the dragon only knows one thing
He cares only for himself.

The raging dragon licks his wounds
and blames the passing world
for everything his flaming tongue
brings back on him:
For every charred ember,
For all the soot in his life,
For all the darkness he dwells in.
He does not see
That he is the source
Of his own misery.
And the Dragon R-O-A-R-S!

~Kathie Adams Brown (2-8-11)


  1. Shall I infer from this that your psycho neighbor is still making your lives miserable?

  2. oh that is such a shame t o have a neighbour like that, but you're so right about people like that not being aware that they are their own worst enemy!

  3. Lucy, your inference would be correct.

    Crafty Green Poet, thanks for your sympathy!

  4. Excellent poem...the one positive thing to come out of this event is some great poetry...:)


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