Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Mountains

Seek the highest mountain
run upon the hills
Let the trees surround me,
I leap the rocks and rills.
To breathe fresh mountain air,
as an eagle to fly free, 
to glide in air, to glide in time,
to live and to be me.
While leaves will laugh and sing and warn,
wind whispers secrets low,
Listen to the sound of living,
being where I want to go.
Fulfilling dreams around each corner,
to rest in Nature with a sigh,
Never take me from the mountains,
here let me live, here let me die!

~Kathie Adams Brown (November 11, 1975)

Original Title: My Dream, My Wish


  1. Replies
    1. Sandy, one is always passionate when one is young. The thing is, I still feel this way!

  2. Your love of mountains shows huge passion. I like the emotion shown in your words.


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