Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November Days

These are November Days,
Gray skies, unsettled weather, unsettled memories.

November skies are filled with longing,
longing for another place,
for the lost past,
for families and for love.

I feel that longing like a skein of wild geese honking out their cries
as they wing across the skies.
I feel that restlessness


and wonder where my wings are
and why I cannot fly.

The memories of passing years float up like clouds from the deep,
and I remember laughter, and a warm kitchen and standing with my Nana
While she stirred white pepper into smooth brown gravy in her farm kitchen
at Thanksgiving Time.

November days are wild days of longing and families and love.

~kathie adams brown (November 27, 2013)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sometimes Solitude is Bliss

Photo courtesy of Chris Rohrer

I like people...sometimes.
I like to have a friendly chat, to walk in quiet companionship through the woods,
To laugh about a funny movie with a friend,
To bemoan the worries of the world over coffee or tea.
I love to share the things I love with my friends, but sometimes, solitude is bliss!
There are no demands when I am alone,
No right answers I have to think of,
No need to be clever or cute or witty.
I can just be me and think my own thoughts
And smile at what makes me happy
Or dance in my heart.
There is no one to criticize or summarize or scrutinize or any other “-ize” me.

I can just be.

~kathie adams brown (October 17, 2013)