Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Mother's Painting

She let me pick the one I wanted
I liked the way she painted the pond,
the grasses and the rolling hills,
and the small red barn along the hedgerow.

I have never seen this place,
Yet it is everyplace I played
as a child.

It is the pond where my siblings and I
fed bread to small fishes,
It is the barn behind my grandparent’s house,
Those are the hills I ran upon,
that is the tree I climbed,
It is a collection of all the places
--from my childhood,
--from my memory,
--from her paintbrush
--to my heart.

~Kathie Adams Brown (April 1, 2013)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Savin Lake

Savin Lake 6-14-13 Lebanon, CT

A late spring day
late in the day
shadows falling, long, deep and cool
across the banks of Savin Lake
brimming from the recent rains
water pouring over the dam
like liquid amber
pounding down to the creek below
I watch the writhing, frothing water
a churning mess that would pound me to death
if given the chance,
But I turn away to the glassy lake
so blue, calm, and serene
where a kayaker cuts through the water
in silent strokes,
and geese serenely sit and float,
and swallows slice the evening air,
then dip and drip and fly again,
and in the brush the catbird sings,
and in the trees the waxwings feed,
as I stand on green and grassy banks
as a yellow warbler calls my heart
with notes so sweet and pure
and I breathe in this rich, cool scene,
I drink in this serenity,
the flat calm water,
the lush green trees,
the world reflected
in Savin Lake.

~Kathie Adams Brown (6-16-2013) Colchester, CT

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Questions About Love

Who can explain Love?
How can you understand it,
This thing that grips your heart like a vine
Twining its way around all aspects of your life?
What is the magic that draws one person to another?
Why is it that opposites attract?
Is love a constant thing, or
does it die and get reborn
again, and again, and again?

~Kathie Adams Brown (March 21, 2013)