Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There Are the Dead

 There are the dead
Standing in the bog
While a flicker laughs behind me
At the slowly creeping green,
The first sign of spring
Here among the dead.

Geese are busy nest building,
The wood ducks paddle
between silver stumps,
and tall snags
like up-ended bones,
stark, bare, and beautiful,
engraved by wind,
carved by bird beaks
with nest holes that now provide homes,
these silver arms reach to a springtime sky
blue as a robin’s egg,
strong arms that serve as perches
for the kingfisher and his mate
laughing their rattling call,
 a sound like dry bones,
while tree swallows glide by
on metallic blue wings,
building nests filled with life
among the dead.

~Kathie Adams Brown (April 3, 2012)


  1. Nature shows us how death supports life. I used to hate swamps, but they are full of beauty.

    1. Ruth, yes they are and I tried to emphasize that contrast.


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