Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Little Emperor

The Little Emperor stomps his feet
demanding all the time
that the world revolve around him,
that the world bow down to him,
that the world get out of his way,
for he is coming through.

The Little Emperor will shout
with words both loud and vulgar
he has no care for others,
he has no thought but for himself,
he sees no pain but his own,
he hears no plea but his own,
he is the center of his own world,
and all else revolves around HIM.

The Little Emperor is large
in height and breadth and width,
but in a mystery he can't fathom,
the more he puffs himself up
the smaller he becomes.

~Kathie Adams Brown (1-15-11)


  1. So true, Kathie. How these little guys get away with it, I don't know.

  2. I just love your poetry, Kathy! They evoke great images. I especially like the Dragon and this Emperor. Hope you are having some sunshine today.


    1. Bella, OMG, I just found this comment! Sorry it took me so long to say, "Thank You!" and thankfully this bully is now out of my life for good!


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