Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Got Lost in my Day Today

I got lost in my day today
amidst rain drops
and grackles on the lawn,
and phone calls
and chats with friends,
then the landlord came by
and fixed a broken light
while I warmed beef stew for lunch
on the old gas stove.

I looked at the bright orange carrots
floating in the steamy broth
with potatoes and bits of beef
before gobbling it all down
warm in my belly
a defense against this cold wet day.

It is autumn here
and the rusty leaves are falling
thick as rain drops
and the chickadees are calling
outside my window
and suddenly night has fallen
and I wonder where the day went-

A day full of details tiny and sweet
Added together they fill the space
Between rising
and falling asleep.

~Kathie Adams Brown (October 27, 2010)


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