Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Cloud is an Elusive Thing

Thunderheads over Sycamore Canyon 10-20-09

A cloud is an elusive thing,
An ephemeral wisp, a temporary ghost,
As it floats across the sky
Changing form as fast as wind can sculpt it.
With unseen hands the master
Carves the soft and tattered edges
While here below on solid ground
I watch the artist work
And as I watch I wonder
About the great blue sky,
And galaxies beyond,
And my small life here,
On this shifting ground.
So which is more ephemeral?
The clouds which tears apart
Only to form once again
or me?
For here I stand this moment
Solid as can be
Never to return,
And even now the answer to this question
Eludes me.

~kathie adams brown (October 20, 2009)

One Single Impression Prompt: Elusive


  1. We are as elusive in our solid way as the clouds are in their ephemeral way. What a lovely interaction.

  2. Kathie, would you want to return? That is a wonderful thought, I suppose similar to the common 'you can't go back' saying. Also as solid as you are it is just for a moment, you (first person poet) will (deteriorate, get old, etc) ...
    Your poem really helps one to remember how insignificant a person is in the scope of our world and universe.
    Thank you,

  3. Wonderful poem for O.S.I. I thoroughly enjoyed your metaphor. The clouds and all the things in nature makes us think about the elusive and unknown.

  4. Hello Kathie,

    i feel that my dreams are as elusive as the clouds!!!

    and today, my happiness is as elusive as the clouds!

    i missed you in my place...:)

  5. So right, you can blink and the shape of a cloud changes. I enjoyed your poem, Kathie.

  6. So many elusive things, the clouds themselves, the sculptor, the image that was just there, the idea we just had, all eluding us. Very nice.

  7. Your poem made me sigh, smile and feel that ever humbling sensation of being a small part of something so vast.... beautiful poem, Kathie.

  8. As a fellow cloud gazer and dreamer and ponderer... I loved this on all sorts of levels! Thanks...and beautiful picture as well!

  9. Nicely penned. For me, watching the clouds is entrancing probably because of that elusive quality.

    Please drop by for a friendly visit to my writing & photography blog.

  10. I love watching the clouds roll by, with infinite variation, just like you and I. Very nice.

  11. how beautiful, how true .... we are more ephemeral surely... keep walking!!!

  12. lovely pondering of things elusive, things ephemeral, things never to return or do they.

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