Sunday, October 18, 2009

Locust Birds

Like an army of locust
the fierce finch flocks descend
devouring greenery as they go
in this dry desert
where no tender shoots are safe
from beaks that gobble,
beaks that grab,
beaks that tear
and swallow.

~kathiesbirds (June 16, 2008)

OSI Prompt: Conquer


  1. Hi Kath,'ve got a different rendition of the prompt...nice!!!

    you see, different minds can depict the word in different ways...

    btw, thanks for commenting on my own post...

    have a nice day!

    nice place you have...Kathies poetry...

    i'll bookmark you now...


  2. Amity Me, thank YOU! I wanted to be different. The conquering is implied instead of stated. These birds certainly conquered my garden! They ate all the buds off my flowers!

  3. I have seen these flocks of finches fighting fiercely for food.

    I had an image of the birds clearly while reading your beautiful poem.

  4. This had a wonderful rhythm to it...and I could see those birds gobbling very vividly! Beautifully done.

  5. I like your unique interpretation of this prompt, well done!

  6. beautiful implication the poem has...

    loved it..

  7. Sometimes the pigeons conquer my birdseed feeder on the front porch.

  8. Oh Kathie, those poor starving finches! ;-)
    More seriously, is there a deterent poeople can use for these birds? Or protection like a screen?

    Your poem is very descriptive, I felt I was there watching. Thank you. And I learned.

  9. Strong use of alliteration adds to your response to the prompt! I've been enjoying your comments on my blog. Thanks so much!

    This is my new writing & photography blog address

  10. kathie, that's actually not a "new" address above, but my typepad address won't work in the comment box you use. I've bookmarked you. :D
    _Gel (the person who commented above.)

  11. An image that conquers, for sure! Nice use of the prompt with vivid and vibrant words!

  12. I enjoy the powerful picture your words paint. wonderfully unique poem for conquer!

  13. Different parts of the country, different takes on finches (from reading the comments). The largest flock of finches I have ever seen in New England would number maybe like 10? Give or take. And I absolutely love the way you used locust, locust birds and finches together. I admit I had to look up "locust bird" in case it was a true species. So I have learned a lot and can enjoy your writing that much more. Wonderful! Now on to your other blog(s) . . .

  14. Put that way, those beautiful birds seem even more magnificent (albeit also destructive).

  15. The waxwings kind of do that to our crab apple in the winter. It seems like a very efficient way to clean things up but this seems destructive.

  16. beautifully written...I can just picture these birds doing their fierce conquering~ thanks~


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