Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The Big Lost River near Arco, ID 1987

I never knew when I departed
That I would long for you like this,
That I would awaken in the darkest night
Restless and searching,
And wanting to come home to you.
I did not know your form
Would be imprinted on my brain,
You scent would linger like a kiss
On my memory.

I did not know it would be years
Before I would see you again
And that in seeing you
I would never be able to come back to you
Until my last breath has departed
And I rest in your earth once again.

~Kathie Adams Brown (11-8-09)


  1. I feel like this sometimes when I travel over seas for a several week trip. Days seem like weeks, seem like years. At least I do come home. I liked this. Nicely done!

  2. Oh, I just found your Poet Tree blog - loved this take on the prompt, the punch to the gut.

    An emotional piece that stayed with me long after the reading was done...

  3. This blew me away, Kathie. Its impact and implications profound; I can almost touch those feelings in the air, feel them in the water of the photos you show. Well done!

    Please drop by for a friendly visit to my writing & photography blog.

  4. I so love this poem, I have tears in my eyes reading it as it reminds me how much I miss my late husband....thank you Kathie for posting this.....:-) Hugs

  5. Loch Rob, I never used to understand how people could bend down and kiss the ground when they returned to their home country until I lived in, fell in love with, and moved away from Idaho. Ever since then I have felt such longing for this place. I finally understood the meaning of HOME in a whole new way. I cannot explain my connection, I can only describe it.

    Shadowplay1, I am always pleased when I can deliver such a punch! Thank you for telling me this!

    S/gel, thank you for this wonderful comment. When I can help you to feel what I feel, then I know I have connected with you and that pleases me to no end!

    Bernie, I was hoping that for some people this would remind them of their own lost love. That is why I left it kind of ambiguous until the end. You could easily substitute the word "arms" for "earth" and it would have a whole new meaning!

  6. Sweet earth! I feel this way about Connecticut. Home is special for exactly what you have written here.

  7. Sandy, I am so glad you love where you live. It is very hard if you don't!

  8. You touch on something truly fundamental here which I have known and pondered much. Wonderful interpretation.

  9. I've written about 'the land' many times, and each time it is filled with emotion, much like your wonderful poem.

  10. Hi Kathie, this is neat. I had three ideas. The first to hit me was someone I couldn't forget but didn't want her to come home. There there was a predecessor I wonder about. NOT TO WORRY, I am happily married for 37 years now!
    Then I thought, probably prompted by your lovely picture, of the water of the earth. Finally it will sink into the earth, this time down stream or some other later.
    I do like the idea of the homeland. I would not want to come home to Nebraska. I left one of my snow shovels there and don't want it back, ever.
    Thanks for looking me up. I have stopped doing SkyWatch so a lot of old blogging acquaintances are missed now.

  11. Returning to one's earth ... I'll fully know myself when I do. Thanks for this post.

  12. An absolutely lovely tribute to the land and the yearning for place/home/time.

  13. Kathy I am in awe at how beautiful your words are expressed in your poetry!
    This blog is a treasure..one that I will visit again and again.

    I am deeply touched by the poem that you left for me on my "Sunrise" post. With so much gratitude..love and light aNNa xo

  14. Jukota, it is always nice to meet someone who understands how I feel. Thank you.

    Jim, thanks for your wonderful commnet! congrats on 37 years! Gus and Ileft new england behind. I only lived in Idaho for 2 years but it got ahold of my heart and never let go.

    Tumblewords, thank you.

    Carlos, you are welcome! Thank you for stopping by!

    Naturegirl, I hope it comforts you!


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