Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brown Creeper

Brown Creeper 10-11-09 by Kathiesbirds
graphite and prisma color on paper.

My talisman arrived in autumn
On cryptic wings
To the rough bark of a pine
Up the solid girth
On tiny feet
With curved beak
In dark crevices
For that juicy morsel
That food, that sustenance
To carry us through winter
A plain bird
A subtle thing
It brought me life
On cryptic wings.

~Kathie Adams Brown (10-11-09)

OSI Prompt: Talisman


  1. Beautiful writing that really feels!

  2. Kathie--
    I really really liked this one!
    And it was so sweet how the last few lines moved to first's clear that this lovely bird is a talisman for you!

  3. Hi Kathie, I believe every word you have said. I know these birds mean a awfully lot to you.
    Welcome back too, I have been missing you.

  4. Terrific drawing and charming words that sing of talisman and hope!

  5. How lovely, the drawing and the poem enjoyed them,:-)

  6. A beautiful definition of talisman--one that opens up rather than limits.

  7. Hello! Nicely done visuals in the poem and your artwork. I'm a bird lover, too and your ending says it all. (I'm an artist, photographer and poet, too.) Glad I found your blog through poetry links.

    My google account is not linked to my new typepad blog so here is the link to my poem (for a different prompt than OSI), but hope you enjoy regardless!
    Click here for my poem please

  8. oh, I love your talisman! sweet piece.

  9. I am not surprised to find that your talisman is a bird!
    Great drawing and a poem that I understand very well.

  10. How gorgeously written and beautifully drawn. I love both.

  11. Beautiful! Both the artwork and the poem!

  12. Yellow tulip, Spacedlaw and Vita Stunder, thank you!

    Beth P, it is one of those things I really didn't think about until I started to write!

    Jim, thank you! What a nice thing to say! I have missed participating!

    Tumblewords, Bernie, zoya Guatam, Thank you also for visiting and commenting.

    Sandy, I hadn't thought of that! Thanks for the encouragement!

    S, whoever you are, it's always nice to meet a fellow bird lover, artist and poet!

    Tammie lee, thank you!

    fourwinds, I saw my very first Brown creeper on a pine tree in my back yard when I lived in Maine! It was so delightful that it captured my soul! I felt as if the forest were lettig me in on some great secret, as if she were showing me her treasures. I still feel this way.

    Patois and Mary333, thank you both for your kind words.

  13. Kathie, a lovely meaningful poem to wo with your so perfectly observed drawing...wish I could draw like that again, its been a long long time.

  14. This is wonderful! beautiful art work and words.

  15. Sorry I missed this one, Kathie. The image in words and drawing of the little bird grooming the bark is really great.

  16. Arija, did you use to draw? I haven't drawn anything in a while either! This was fun!

    Ann, thank you for your visit and your comments!

    Christine, I am so glad you stopped by. Thank you!


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