Monday, August 3, 2009

My Chair is My Window: OSI

photo by Kathie with the Nikon D80
My chair becomes my window
As I relax into a dream
In my secret garden
Where all my thoughts take wing
I fly out thorough this window
To galaxies beyond
I visit many places
I have never been before
I feel the earth beneath me
And a zephyr brush my face
I feel the warmth of sunlight—
Breathe the fragrance of new mown hay
I hear bird song in my ear and
The voice of love calling my name
In my secret garden
As I relax into my chair,
As I relax into a dream.

~Kathie 8-3-09


  1. I never thought about writing a poem about a chair. It's a lovely one and the photo is stunning.

  2. Oh the beauty of secret gardens and quiet reverie.
    "the voice of ove calling my name"
    your poem: lovely, gentle and inspired. thank you

  3. Oh, I want a chair like that - both physically and metaphorically! I love the bird song in my ear and love calling my name. Great lines.

  4. There's nothing better than sitting in the garden...your poem is lovely, and I love the photo!

  5. What a nice take on this prompt. A place that offers the peace that allows the dreaming....A window, even if it is a chair.

  6. Diane, I took this photos months ago and tweaked the colors to be more intense. I had been waiting to use it and finally found the perfect marriage of this OSI prompt and the photo. The 2 just seemed to go together! Thanks for stopping by. I know it has been way too long since I have posted here!

    gabrille, thank you so much. I wasn't sure if anyone would get this but I guess I hit a common note!

    Quiet paths, I bet you can find or invent one in your own yard! Thank you for your comment.

    Bobbie, thank you and thanks for visiting my blog.

    Sweetness in the gale, I like your name! Thank you for your visit and your kind comment.

    Sandy, I am so glad you liked it! and I'm glad to finally be back! Thank you for visiting!

  7. How perfectly lovely this poem is - lyrical and magical. Perfect, indeed! And the photo is charming and inviting.

  8. The beautiful photo of your chair caught my eye but the poem captured my attention as I enjoyed reading it.

  9. Tumblewords, thank you.

    Maggie, I'm glad you were so captivated!

  10. Kathie, I hadn't thought of it like this, but my back porch rocking chair is also a window. With or without binocluars, we live on a golf course.
    Your other blog with your desert walks shows your other window.
    Thank you for the thoughts here,

  11. I don't know that I'd ever get out of that chair, quite frankly.

    Thank you for your comment on my offering. I am glad your "Linda" had someone like you to care for her.

  12. Oh Kathie, I am so glad I have found this blog as well. The picture of the chair, the poem are lovely....and relaxing.
    Thank you for sharing...:-) Bernie

  13. Jim, glad to give you a new perspective!

    Patois, thank you also.

    Bernie, I am so please you like it here in the shade of my Poet Tree!

  14. It´s a beautiful thought to relax into a dream in a comfy chair, but is that chair really the one? Never seen a garden chair like that.

  15. Well written for sure.. I will take the time to look through some of your others now Kathie.
    I came by to say a big thank you for visiting my post about Ammon Wrigley and for taking the time to read it.. it was long and I did wonder about posting it at all... I am very glad I did as it as stirred some interests and a number of emails.. Sometimes our blogging take us places we never thought they would.
    Thank you again

  16. A chair can be our magic carpet when our hearts are qiet we can spread out the whole unverse around us.

    Kathie, a grazier here is like a rancher in the US. Smaller properties were often worked from a house in a village, or had a village grow near by because of the road.

  17. chrome 3d, that is not my chair, but it is a garden chair. I took this photo outside an art gallery, then tweaked the colors to be more vibrant. I had been wanting to use this photo for something and the prompt and the photo inspired the poem!

    Tom, thanks for stopping by again. I am always glad to see you!

    Arija, AH! Thanks for the education!

  18. "chair becomes your window"
    From your poem, I can easily imagine you there- lovely words

    great photo of the intricacy and delicacy of the special chair.

    Click here


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