Friday, July 25, 2008

Skywatch Friday: The Yellow House

Introduction: Today's post if from a book I made about a short 4 month period that we lived in a little yellow house in Westfield, Maine. We had moved there in 1996 after Gus took a buyout from his company to attend college at the University of Maine in Presque Isle. While we hoped to buy the house and live there forever it was not to be, but the short time we lived there is full of rich memories. This is the first in a series of posts about life in the Yellow House. (All words and images are copyrighted by kathiesbirds 2008)

Dotted Swiss Memories
Sunsets in a kitchen window
washing supper remnants away
while children leap
through rose and gold light
dotted Swiss memories.
~kathiesbirds (copyright 1997)

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  1. Really like this post great work of art.
    So says DW to for she's an artist as well.

    Pleased you posted on SW.

  2. I love these beautiful and bright colors!

  3. That is very pretty and great SWF!

  4. Love your painting, drawing, and poem, Kathie! Just lovely! I look forward to learning more.

  5. Hi kathie...beautiful picture for Sky Watch the new site....I love the colors of the top painting. So interesting to see all the different skies. cheers.

  6. I love this, the drawings, the words. I'm ready to read the rest of the book and hear about your life in the yellow house.

  7. Hi Kathie... you know I'll love this.. and I do. I love the colours of the cover and the words within... beautiful.... I try to to have a favourite post but sometimes it's hard. :O)

  8. What a lovely house, such bright colors. The sketch is charming, too.


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