Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mythology 2000: OSI Prompt 20 Myth

Mythology 2000
had a dizzy spell
and fell,

While Peter Pan
in Neverland
was too busy
to notice.

And who believes
in Fairytales

these days.
They’ve mapped
the human genetic code

you say?
The mysteries are gone,

We’ve become gods,
until we realize
we can’t shut
Pandora’s Box.

~Kathiesbirds (autumn, 2000)


  1. Your Tinker Bell-Peter Pan reference made me think of how myths help us navigate our world, even the brutal world. (Peter and Tink have quite the relationship!)

    We need a new myth that makes a beautiful virtue of humility!

    Thanks for this poem.

  2. Thank you Sandy. Myth does help us endure, doesn't it. I never thought of that!

  3. We need a new myth that makes humanity a virtue !..thought provoking..thanks..

  4. You poem raises a couple of important questions. While illustrating one of the basic functions (IMHO) of myth: to warn us of the pitfalls (and at other times, to inspire with the possibilities).

  5. Too fun!!! Thoughtful as well.

  6. So true, Kathie.

    I just read a good fiction book by Iris Johansen about the Pandora myth. In this case, the box was holding in psychic powers.

  7. For sure - nice work! Enjoyed your poem - the final stanza brings it home!

  8. I think the mysteries are still there, we have just shelved them under our sophisticated linens and laundry detergent.

  9. ...and any thoughtful scientist will unraveling leads to a quagmire of questions that boggle the greatest minds...isn't it wonderful that we always seek to knwow His creation...and really never are dismayed at the vast unanswered vistas we discover on the way...? I don't think the boz is meant to be closed...I think it's better described as a "toy box"!

    Thanks for the thought provoking poem!

  10. I like this very much, especially the lines "we can't shut Pandora's Box," and the first two stanza about Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Love your Skywatch painting down below too.

  11. There's alot of wisdom in that poem.
    Thank You for Sharing.

  12. Oh so true, but still a very fun take on the prompt with a serious overtone.

  13. I remember the big debates in the 70's about genetic engineering. All that was worried about at that time is now discounted. Scientists should continue to tread carefully.

  14. I know I'm not cloned. They didn't have the technology back in the dark ages. Pappy


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