Sunday, November 15, 2009

Under the Milky Way

Under the Milky Way I sit
A star bridge arching above me
Before me the flickering flames of a campfire
Smoke thoughts rising to the sky
And before the last ember fades,
Before the last flame has licked
The fragrant wood,
And crumbled into ash,
I capture this warmth inside me,
I capture the silent sky,
I swallow the universe in wonder,
And howl my contentment to the moon,
For I am a wild thing
On this starry, silent night.

~Kathie Adams Brown (11-8-09)

Prompt: reincarnation


  1. This is truly a beautifully written poem. Well done Kathie, I loved it!

  2. What a wonderful vision under The Milky Way.

  3. That is full of fantastic imagery. I could see it. Thanks.

  4. Sometimes it's all about the howl as we realize how we fit into a starry silent night. Nice job!

  5. This was so gorgeous and visual...I felt as if I was right there, looking at the stars. Beautiful!

  6. I do like this a lot, Kathie. It progressed slowly at first, then rapidly to end with the poet 'howling at the moon.'

    I can identity with that because I howl and bite people on the neck even (i.e. not a wolf) when the full moon comes. :-)

  7. This is gorgeous and it urges me to seek out such a place and take in the vast warmth myself. Kathy, beautifully written.

  8. Kathie,

    a magical night with all the stars above, so very romantic...:)

    i love your take on the prompt!

  9. Go right ahead and howl. I love this poem.

  10. I love the 'bigness' of this piece - it's lovely.

  11. Before I bed down, to sip once more the ecstacy. Lovely!

  12. Geraldine, Maggie and Meow, thank you for your visit and your comments.

    Sandy, glad you could see it!

    Jukota, your comment made me smile!

    Sweetnessinthegale, ah, to be transported!

    Jim, remind me not to get too close if I ever get to meet you!

    Quiet paths, thank you! I bet you can find some fiery warmth where you live too!

    Amity me, thank you also!

    fourwinds, will you join me?

    Tumblewords, I am so glad that you could feel it!

    gautami tripathy, thank you, thank you!

    gabrielle, Wow! What a nice thing to say! Sip away!

  13. You make that starry silent night come alive- beautiful!

  14. I love this. Seems one of those earth shattering silent moments that overwhelm and must be captured with pen. I love those moments, tears in eyes with the breath of awe.

    - Dina

  15. Patti, thank you!

    Dina, I like these moments also.


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