Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Nana

Christmas Mouse 1998 by Kathie Brown Acrylic on posterboard

I love to go to Nana’s house
at happy Christmas time
I love to eat the turkey
And smell the Christmas pine
I love to see her smile
And bustle round the house
Making everything just perfect
For each grandchild and each spouse
And though my Nana’s little,
Only ’bout five foot tall
Her heart is quite enormous
Filled with love for one and all!

~Kathie Adams Brown (1985)


  1. those memories of safety and love are the best of all.

  2. This has the peace of a Margaret Wise Brown poem.

  3. Hi Kathie, do you fit the Nana bill here? This is a very nice poem and tells it like it is with most children.
    Thank you for your visit. I hadn't thought of rap with that second poem but it will recite like one.
    I couldn't get anything going by reading it aloud or with the meter so I tried differently on the second one.

  4. To meet our elders on festival days make us more happy, as such incidences throw us on our childhood days, the days of carefree life, the days of innocent living.

    Naval Langa

  5. Very sweet verse! Sounds like my Mom who is just under 5' tall. Thanks for this.

  6. Diane, yes they are!

    Why, thank you, Sandy!

    Jim, I am Meme (French for Nana). I wrote this poem about my own Nana when I was younger and missing her. It's kind of simple and childish but I still like it.

    Naval langa, how I long for those inocent days!

    Quiet paths, oh I am so glad it made you smile!

    Art and Poetry, thanks!


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