Sunday, December 21, 2008

OSI: A Winter's Day

King Mountain Winter by Kathie Brown 1999 Acrylic on Canvas

King Mountain, Blue Solstice

Winter blue shadows fall
On golden left over grass
Evergreen ribbons drape mountain shoulders,
While gray clouds train across the valley
Chugging through the pass,
Just another winter’s day in Idaho,
Just another day to be alive
Just another winter of color
Trapped in the snow’s prisms,
In the fractured flakes melting
In the high mountain desert
Of the Pashimeroi Range,
One short day before
Hope returns with the sun.

~Kathie Adams Brown (December 21, 2008)

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  1. I like the image of the "evergreen ribbons" draped on the mountains. That's a wonderful painting.

  2. Your artwork is the most color I've seen all day!! Really nice poem, too. What a causal gem you slipped in with that quiet line, "just another day to be alive" Love it!

  3. I am sure that I have visited this place you write about. Isn't it wonderful that the night doesn't last forever.

  4. "One short day before hope returns with the sun." Lovely. It has been so gray here. I really feel like the sun does restore my hope after the grim gray has sapped it. I also love the word Pashimeroi... wonder what it means. It has a lovely melody to it.

    Your paintings are lovely also and i like the way your poem and painting mirror each other.

  5. Kathie, I very much enjoyed your description of a winter day on King Mountain. Your painting is lovely too, especially all the colors you put in the snow.

  6. Dear Kathie--
    I love your painting--I too love the high desert mountains...having lived in western Colorado for years and now in central Oregon--they become part of our blood and bones...

    Thanks for this lovely piece, and as much as I'm enjoying this winter, I am anticipating the coming of the light, too!

    Thanks again--

  7. To Ms. Kathi Adams

    You write that : Just another winter of color ....Hope returns with the sun.

    Yes, hope is the fuel with which the engine of our life goes on. Where there is hope there is color in life.

    Naval Langa

  8. Lovely painting and words. fractured flakes, snow's prisms are fine phrases. I always enjoy my visit here!

  9. your words & your art are beautiful...the poem reads like i am riding a slow train through your landscape, taking it all in!

  10. Colourful! It's good to see the colours sleeping under snow.

  11. The painting is so wonderfully colorful I can tell you love this place. I agree if we look there is so much to be noticed in winter. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  12. Amazing colours! Great work, that!

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

    all in a days work

  13. ..lovely..
    ..A Very Merrry Christmas!..

  14. painted very well.. both the picture and the poem :)

  15. This is lovely, both the visual and the words. And I must ask about your words,
    "While gray clouds train across the valley Chugging through the pass,"

    When I first saw your painting I noticed the dark rectangular shapes in front of the base of the mountain, and I had glimpsed, out of context, the words, "train, and chugging" and it fit.

    It was only after absorbing the entire presentation that I wondered if you had really included a train? Either way, I saw the train and I liked it. :-)

  16. Just another day....The repetition of the phrase beautifully understates the experience you describe.


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