Thursday, September 4, 2008

Throw Me Into The Fire

Thunderheads build behind the Santa Rita Mountains
Click to enlarge for a better view

Throw me into the fire
of a boiling monsoon sky,
where thunderheads build
behind dry mountain peaks
to pour down rain
on my parched soul,
throw me into the fire
of that boiling, roiling sky,
where I can feel my heartbeat,
where I can feel my soul stir,
where I can learn to fly--
let it burn away the excess
of a sedentary life
and fill me to overflowing
with passion and desire,
so throw me into the fire
of this consuming sky.

~kathiesbirds (September 4, 2008)

One Single Impression: Spectacle

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Photographer's Note: Photo by Kathiesbirds with the Nikon D80 2008/08/15 19:11:27.9; Lens: VR 70-300mm; F/4.5-5.6 G Focal Length: 170mm; 1/125 sec - F/5


  1. A truly beautiful sky. I am very impressed with this poem. Love it.

  2. Poem and picture go so well together. I didn't think "cauldron" until I began reading and then immediately knew it was the right description.

  3. Amazing photo and amazing words~ both beautiful!

  4. Oh, Kathie! I love it! Photo and poetry are stunning! Thanks for sharing.

  5. thats fire in the sky for sure

  6. Wow Kathie, very inspired poem to go with the dramatic sky, excellent combo today, Makes me want to jump in there and get me some of that:)

  7. ..a very soulful poem..many thanks..

  8. What a dramatic and beautiful picture! I love the colors in this, and it all looks so powerfrul. EXCELLENT photo!

  9. Katie, is that natural color? It really stunning, and larger than life. I can see why you wrote such an inspired poem.

  10. that's an awesome picture of the sky! the fiery effect is wonderful.

  11. great poem to go with that incredible photo!

  12. Hello everyone. Thank you for your many kind comments. I did write the poem to go with the photo and those are the natural colors. I did not enhance it in anyway. I was sitting outside one evening as the sun was setting and these clouds just built and built behind the Santa Rita Mountains, so I grabbed my camera and started shooting. While these are the real colors there is no way I can portray how huge this pile of clouds was. I zoomed in as far as possible for this photo but I took many others that may show up here one of these days! Some of them have the roofline of houses in them and they give some idea of the size.

  13. I am loving all the red skies I am seeing this week they are just beautiful!

  14. What Passion!! Read it over and over. I particularly liked -

    . . . let it burn away the excess
    of a sedentary life . . .

  15. Great capture~your beautiful sky looks as if its on fire! Beautiful poem complimenting your capture perfectly!
    Happy sky~watching!
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  16. so throw me into the fire/of this consuming sky.

    great closing image and intensity.

  17. That picture looks like an abstract painting!

  18. The photo is amazing - the words even better. Thank you so much for sharing.


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