Friday, September 7, 2012

Return to Tucson

It is so quiet here
in this desert city
under this pale blue sky
where lizards creep across my yard
drawing warmth from sun-heated stone.
I have hummingbirds in my backyard,
and pigeons overhead.
In many ways it is like any other city, yet,
it is so different too.
I have returned and I am new,
new to this part of town, this neighborhood, this house.
The desert wind that caresses my face is familiar,
and I know these lungs have breathed
the scent of creosote bush that perfumes the morning air before.
I look out to the circle of mountains surrounding this city
and I feel their embrace
as a stony hug.


  1. I hope you continue to feel the embrace!

  2. Beautiful. The hug that welcomes you back. Change is hard but there will be good to come.

    1. Quiet Paths, slowly I am adjusting and finding joy once again!

  3. Hi Kathie

    A lovely poem thanks for sharing your feeling so beautifully. And lizards are cool.


    1. Guy, thank you! and lizards are cool! Now I just need to get out and photograph some!

  4. Kathie, I can't believe I don't come here more often but am going to change that as of now. I do love your poetry so and I can't believe that you're back in Arizona. Wishing you much happiness in your new place. Denise x

    1. Denise, well Thank you! I am so flattered that you like my poetry. It's rare to find people who like poetry in general! I am always pleased to have you visit and comment! And yes, I am back here in Tucson to stay according to my husband!


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