Thursday, January 12, 2012

Poem for a Winter's Day

I watch the steady fall of rain against the dove gray sky
Outside my window a few snowflakes fall like tiny pearls among liquid rhinestones
And in the hedgerow the sparrows gather with juncos hopping
Like slate colored shadows
The cardinals shyly watching are the only flash of color on this stormy day.
Here inside from where I watch the fire crackles on the hearth
Its warmth pressing against my back.
It is a pleasant place to be, inside looking out
And I feel the primeval need of this moment
In this technological world I now live in.
I pour myself another cup of tea, and settle in.

~Kathie Adams Brown (January 12, 2012)


  1. Thanks for posting this lovely poem! The scene in your photo reminds me of Emily Dickinson. I have never been to Amherst, but this is how I picture her room.

    Massachusetts is a big change from Arizona -- you will miss the variety of hummingbirds, but will see so many other wonderful birds there, I am sure.

    Best wishes from Anne

  2. Anne, why thank you! I have never been to Amherst either, though I guess it is nearby. I am so pleased that you found my poem so lovely. For me it is just a moment captured in my day, but I like to do that, to stop and pay attention to what I see and what I feel. I am so glad that you enjoyed it!

  3. The warmth of a wood fire and flashes of bright color from cardinals certainly help getting through a drab winter's day.

  4. Marvin, thank you! I thought you might like this poem as you so love nature and the outdoors and weather! I hope you are staying warm by your own fire!

  5. Wonderful combination of poetry and photos to capture the mood of the day.

  6. Beautifully evocative. And you wrote it on my birthday! I wish we got cardinals here but we do get a few brightly-coloured visitors. ANd I love the photo. You need one of those vintage phones!

  7. Andrea, I am glad you liked the poem. I am sorry you do not get cardinals. They certainly brighten up a winter's day. I had 10 in my backyard this morning due to a snow storm. A vintage phone would be nice, but this photo does depict my life as it is now. I am sitting at this same table even as I type this!

  8. Hi Kathie

    A lovely poem and it really sets the mood. The desk is beautiful and it looks like just the place for writting poetry. I certainly understand your need to step back from the world a bit to be creative. You really captured that in your poem.


  9. 'Inside looking out' is the best place to be watching it all happen while warmed by the fire. Lovely words we can all relate to.

  10. Hey Guy, thanks a lot. I love to sit at that little desk.

    Cuby poet, welcome to my Poet Tree! Nice to see you! I am glad you can relate!


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