Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A River Flows

When tragedy comes,
A river flows
from my heart is a great swell of tears and emotions
and I am swept away
only to be tossed upon the shore
farther along in my life
bruised and battered
by the rocks and debris
lying unseen beneath the churning rapids.

Then, tossed upon the sand;
lying in the gravel,
my heart thunders in my chest
until it gains its quiet.
And I lie there in the sunshine
or the moonlight,
whatever the case may be
and breathe earth scents
and water, and life,
and rise again.

~Kathie Adams Brown (October 12, 2011)

One Single Impression

Prompt 189: River


  1. You make me feel your pain, and you give me hope.

  2. Been there once, Kathie, BIG time!
    You described utter devastation in a wonderful, almost beautiful way. The sand and gravel and sunlight or moonlight, etc, are theraputic.

    And we have experienced this in various smaller scales yet still major many times in several ways. The scars can tell those tales.

  3. Sandy, I don't know where this poem came from. I read the prompt and it flowed out like its own river!

    Jim, how perceptive of you! Glad to know that you understand. Though I am not experiencing a tragedy at the moment, I have certainly been there before!

  4. Perhaps I was prophetic. Shortly after writing this poem a series of tragedies struck and I have come back to read my own words over and over again.


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