Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Artist in Me

There is an artist in me,
A stirring in my soul, a creativity I need to indulge,
So why do I deny it?
Art must be honored,


I will find my way out there,
And inward,
To that busy place,
Quiet place,
Active place
Of creativity.

~Kathie Adams Brown (October 5, 2011)

OSI Promt 188: Language


  1. Indeed, if you go in the right direction, you will reach your destination !

  2. Go there! That is a wonderful poem. You encourage me.

  3. Nice words, wonderful thoughts. I like to go there myself.


  4. Once you find your way inward, you will also find that the need for language decreases...even though, paradoxically, "words are all we have" (Samuel Beckett).

    This Fence Knows Riddles

  5. Nice poem, Kathie. You are so talented. I envy you very much in that aspect but really do appreciate your work.

    If going to a place of creativity would help me do art then I'd go there. My art is in the stick man stage and has been for years and years. :)

  6. Sandy, wow. I take that as a compliment. A poet is an artist also, as well as a story teller, photographer, etc...

    Cassiopia Rises, only you can take you there!

    Sandra, thanks!

    Magical Mystical teacher, ironic, isn't it?

    Jim, your "Art" can be your work, your love of your family, your poetry, or your prayers. Only YOU know what your ART is! Thank you for your kind and encouraging comment. I always like to see you here!

  7. Hi Kathie

    Lovely words and a good thought behind them.

    All the best.



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