Sunday, May 16, 2010

Throw Away Your Mask

Do I really need the finer things in life?
Are the finest things material and manmade?
Will a fancy car, the right house, the right address really
Make me happy,
Fill the gap, span the great divide?
Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend?
Or is it all a mask,
A finely woven web
To deceive ourselves
That we are alive
and not dead?

The natural world around us
Gently sings her song
Calling me to come and play,
Calling me to run away,
From all the entanglements
And fancy trappings
Of a culture built on consumption.

Throw away your mask,
Don your woodland garb,
Come dance a moonlit dance
Amoungst the trees!
Hear the merry brook,
Singing you her song,
Hear the whisper of the wind in the trees!
Throw away your mask,
Don’t let it make you hide
Throw away your mask
And find yourself outside!

~Kathie Adams Brown (4-20-10)

One Single Impression Prompt 112: Mask

My poem for OSI Prompt 116: Trembling can be seen at Sycamore Canyon, Disaster in the Gulf


  1. What we have here, now, is enough. It is the natural world, not the built one.

    Beautiful poem.

  2. Sandy, from your poetry and your posts I know that you know this to be true. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. These words say Amen in my soul!

  4. Quiet Paths, so nice to know you are a kindred spirit!

  5. Ain't that the truth! Trying to pass along the love of Mother Earth, rather than the love of "stuff", to my children is a burden I bear daily. Difficult when today's society really does seem to revolve around shopping and consuming and pushing junk. Oh, I could go on...!

    Well done with this one.


  6. Dina, don't give up! I fought all of that when my kids were young also and it paid off big time. While other kid's moms took them "malling" I took mine to the mountains and forests. They complained some then but now they all love nature and find their solace there.

  7. Yes. We don't need anything to be happy.

    Thanks for reminding.


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