Thursday, May 20, 2010

About My Brother

Some cracks start small as fissures
In a family
and widen into gaps
decades long
and a continent wide
Until the person you once knew
becomes a stranger
or an unknown soul
Connected only by blood
and DNA.
and the uncomfortable canyon
becomes normal
-not a place you dwell in,
but a rim you live on
and every now and then
gaze across and wonder
about the person
on the other side.

~kathie adams brown (May 16, 2010)

One Single Impression Prompt 113: fissures


  1. This is a stunning insight, Kathie. Heart-gripping, direct, and beautifully written.

  2. Quiet Paths, thank you. The prompt made me think of it.

  3. Hi Kathie, it is sad that things have to be like this in our families, isn't it? You have written well of a situation that so many of us go through.
    Sometimes a bridge is rebuilt. I am thinking of a couple of ex-in-laws in our family. The bad times aren't forgottten but rather it is like a new bridge taking a different route.

  4. I could've written that sentiment (but not nearly as well)...sad.

    "the uncomfortable canyon becomes normal - not a place you dwell..." love that line Kathie.

    - Dina

  5. Jim, it is a sad reality.

    Mypoeticlisence, thank you.

  6. Wow-I'm stunned-wasn't expecting this.Poetry is like classical music to me-it either boes me,soothes me, or inspires me but you really got my attention with this. Sorry for the sadness but thanks for sharing that.

  7. Beautiful poetry, Kathie. It is a sad truth, and many people pretend that the canyon is not there. Worse yet, some canyons are created on purpose.

    I enjoyed reading your poems. The sentiments are clear and the imagery is strong. Wonderful work!

  8. You are so talented Kathie. This poem is really well written and moving. {hugs} ~Jess

  9. Larry, thank YOU for that amazing comment!

    Bella Sinclair, I am so pleased that you like my writing. Thank you!

    Jess, you are a sweetheart. Thank you for your comment!

  10. Hi Kathie, this is a very touching and poignant post. As much as I enjoy reading poetry, I really should get over here more often. Thank you for visiting my baby cardinal post the other day. You mentioned that the poem I used was your favorite and that you had changed it to reflect the Sonoran Desert. Would you be able to direct me to it if it is posted here? I would love to read it sometime. The first line was: I meant to do my work today….

  11. A fluid, brilliant insight into a sad and painful experience. Well said.

  12. Denise, it is actually published on my Sycamore Canyon blog. Here is the link:

    Sandy, thank you. Not too painful now, just sad. I still love him. He loves me I think. Neither of us is angry with the other, we just aren't close.

  13. Painful yet read it twice. Once very close to heart do drift apart but poem reveals that soft spot.

    Thank you for sharing

  14. Harhsad, thank you for visiting and reading my poem!


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