Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Sky Above Me

(Rt. 83 Elgin, AZ, 8-3-08 photo by Kathie; click to enlarge, see shooting data below.)

The sky above me vaulted blue
umbrella under which I roam
on this earth—
this temporary home.

~Kathiesbirds (July 25, 2008)

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Shooting Data: Nikon D80
2008/08/03 13:17:41.8
Lens: 18-70mm
F/3.5-4.5 G
Focal Length: 18mm
Digital Vari-Program: Landscape
1/250 sec - F/10


  1. I love the way the clouds kind of reach out from the distance.

  2. There's poetree in that photo, to be sure. Thanks.

  3. A serene photo of the infinite sky just sucking you into the picture.

  4. Makes one wanna run across that field and head towards those mountains and try touch the clouds!
    Happy weekend!!

  5. Why is my sky never that jade clour. Lovely image.

  6. What a great landscape! It's so beautiful!

    I have two Sky Watch pictures this week (completely different from one another) and are posted in these blogs:
    Jenn Was Here and Shutter Happy Moments. Please hop on any of them if you have some time. Happy weekends!

  7. Poetry in pictures!

  8. It's like a postcard. The green is so vibrant. Thanks!

    My SWF post

  9. Beautiful, Kathie. Looks like a wonderful place to be. So grand!

  10. your poem says so much in so few words - just as a poem should !

  11. What a beautiful photo! And a wonderful poem to match it. Lovely post.

  12. Sorry, I’m a little late because I was sailing this weekend.
    So I stop by and say thank you for a nice SWF.

  13. A lovely little verse to go with a really pretty picture!


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