Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How I Discovered a Poem in my Pocket

I carried a poem in my pocket,
but first it started inside,
as a feeling rolling around
In the dust of my vacant mind
where it collected adjectives and adverbs
to go with the numerous nouns
until it burst from my brain in the morning
and spilled all these words on the ground!
I used this blank piece of paper
To wipe the mess from the floor
Then I stuffed this poem in my pocket
before I walked out the door.
~Kathie (21 April 2008)

Poem In Your Pocket Day


  1. I do love this poem, and the fact that you joined in.

    I thought I left a comment previously but it isn't here. Must have done something wrong.

    Write some more!

  2. Dear Bobbie, no you didn't, it's on my other blog. I just started this one to be a showcase for art and poetry only. I intend to link to poetry blogs and art blog on this blog because my other blog is focused on birds, nature, and Sycamore Canyon. This one is just getting going and I intend to add a link to you site here. Thank you for visitng me again!

  3. What a delightful description of the creative process. Wonderful poem.

  4. I had a poem come to me "out of nowhere" on the train once. Almost like it was dictated to me. I wish it were always that easy! On the other hand, prior to that time I had been working really hard in a frenzy of writing in general , and on other poems. The Muse must have been giving me a bonus that day.
    Your poem really captures the experience. Excellent work!

  5. Raven, I'm glad you liked my poem and thank you for visiting my Blog.

    Edward, well, another writer with another muse. How nice to meet you! I hope the creative process is being kind to you today. Thank you!

    LN-Nickers and Ink, Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for visiting my blog!

  6. how very creative... i definitely enjoyed yr writing process...!!!

  7. This is so lovely; a perfect personification of words gleaned together until it created an accumulation of poetry.

    This is a wonderful blog to have found.


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