Saturday, April 4, 2015

At Last

At last the warm air drifted in
after a long, cold and bitter winter
a day when birds landed in droves
and fresh warm air filled the land.

I, breathing the scent of that warmth,  
cast off my chores for the day,
and stayed outside.

All day.

It was as if I had been released from a long imprisonment.
I walked through mud that sucked at my shoes.
I listened to the trickle of melting snow as it formed puddles around me.
The music of song sparrows drifted over the wet, melting earth
—a song of joy to me!

And then in the evening, as dusk settled like a fawn to the ground,
the peenting of woodcocks was heard
and the winnowing of their wings in an eager mating flight display
and I stood in the yard, my mouth agape,

Listening to the music of spring—at last!

~Kathie Adams Brown (April 4, 2015)


  1. No problem with getting in Kathie. Yes your words are the way I feel to it was a much needed day.
    Very nice!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Grace! I am glad you feel the same connection!


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