Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Winter's Dream

Swiftly on this winter's night
Orion takes his stealthy flight
across the dark and spangled sky
as the cold night slowly passes by,
and we mere mortals stop and stare
into the dome quite unaware
of heavenly battles being fought;
of dreams released and being caught
in sleepy heads on pillows laid--
it's in the stars that dreams are made!

~kathie adams brown (January 6, 2014)

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads


  1. This is a beautifully written little verse. It made me smile :)

  2. Very nice, Kathie. I have found inspiration in such things as well. I like the turn at line five.

  3. You have been inspired by the night sky - rendered in tight rhymes, the poem sings.

  4. I love this. I also saw Orion that night. We stopped atop the hill outside of town on our way home. This captures the winter mood...

  5. Especially love the last line!

  6. heavenly battles, unaware … Yes. I actually do try and imagine these on a dark night while I walk. :) Beautiful poem.


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