Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Poem for a Boy Coming Home

I have waited for you with beating heart
Trembling with anticipation
Arms opened wide for an embrace
Waiting to see your eyes, your face.
How can you know the depths of my love?
I do not think most boys really understand.
Your boyish smile is the delight of my life,
Your desire to protect me is a quality I love,
Your striving for respect is beyond admirable,
And all that you are I love.

I am your mother, your grandmother, your sister, your wife.
I am all the women in your life.

You are my boy, my son, my grandson, my brother, and My Man.

~kathie adams brown (8-16-13)


  1. Replies
    1. Kat, thank you! It came straight from my heart and I wondered about posting it, but then went ahead anyways!

  2. Kathy, this beautiful photo and poem brings tears to my eyes. I am so glad your boy is home.

    1. Denise, me too! I hope that all the men and women of our armed forces will soon be home in the arms of their loved ones as well!


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