Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gold, Green and Gray Days

Covered Bridge at Devil's Hopyard State Park 6-29-2013

Gold, green and gray,
These are the days
Of early summer in New England
When the sun has yet to dominate,
And mosquitoes start to rise on clouds
From wet forests and flooded fields,
Where humidity turns into rain
And back again
In the ageless alchemy of water
and life
and emerald.

It is the time before the blazing days of summer
When everything starts to wither and wilt
And turn brown.

These are the gold, green, and gray days,
The pensive days, the dreaming days,
The remembering.

~Kathie Adams Brown (July 23, 2013)


  1. My favourite days. I really like that "ageless alchemy of water" - both the way it reads, and the sound of it.


    1. Kat, yeah! I am so glad you said that! I love words!

  2. Thank you for reminding me how much I love my New England.

    1. Sandy, you probably didn't need the reminder!


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