Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Walk Among the Fireflies Canto II

A Firefly Waltz

In the muggy, humid air of summer
I watch the fireflies dance
Above the soggy, boggy swamp,
Where green cattail spears stand tall
And point their fuzzy cinnamon spears to the sky,
I watch the insects flash and fly
And listen to the bullfrog chorus
Croak a song more ancient than
The surrounding trees,
And still the fireflies blink and flash,
A primitive dance, a primal thing,
Of earth, and skies and seasons,
The pulsing rhythm of life,
The mating rite of summer.

~Kathie Adams Brown (June 22, 2012)


  1. Hi Kathie

    Your poems are bringing back memories. I have not seen fireflies for a long time. I remember as a child ( as I suspect many of us do ) watching them blink on and off in a jar in a dark bedroom before I finally released them.


  2. Guy, I remember them from running through the fields at night and from camping. They were everywhere then. I am so sorry that you do not see them now. Gus and I saw some last night when we were walking and he was so delighted as well!


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