Friday, May 11, 2012

Birding is Fun Wherever You Are

Brown Pelican at Lakeside Park in Tucson, AZ 2009

Birds are around, in the sky, in the air
With birds on the ground there are birds everywhere.
Birds in the water, birds in the trees,
You can see birds wherever you please!
There are birds at the pond, and birds at birds at the beach,
Birds in your yard and birds out of reach,
But sometimes the birds are off at the mall,
And sometimes you only know birds from their calls!
They are down by the river, or off at the park,
Nesting in bushes, or climbing up bark!
Birds are nature come close-up to meet,
With feathers and beaks and funny bird feet!
So look out your window of your house or car,
‘cause Birding is Fun wherever you are!

~Kathie Adams Brown (May 3, 2012)

Original post with additional photos can be seen at Birding is Fun


  1. That is a wonderful poem, and I sure so appreciate the photo. The bird seems so proud yet holding on for dear life. Gorgeous.

    1. Sandy I was able to get lots of photos of him that day. I think it is hilarious that the sign it is clinging to says, "no swimming!"

  2. Hi Kathie

    I really enjoyed both the poem and the photo. They brought a real smile to my day.


  3. Birds are the absolute best, and pelicans are my heroes! They just seem to love life. Thanks for this great post!

    1. Sandy, they just make me smile! I'm glad you liked this poem.

  4. An awesome shot! Great to see this!

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I originally wrote it and posted it on the Birding is Fun blog where it is accompanied by many more photos, but I wanted to have it posted here as well since I wrote the poem.

  5. Kathie I am surrounded by birds everywhere here in my woods! I LoVe the happy notes to this cheery poem!

    1. Naturegirl, I am so glad this cheered you up!


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