Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Early Spring Walk in the Evening

Shawsheen River 4-7-2012
It is a peaceful occupation to walk
In the woods by the small pond
As the sun sinks low
And red-winged blackbirds call,
And Grackles whistle and click,
While wood ducks float lazily preening,
And all the world is hushed
With the clear blue sky an empty vault
Above the greening grass
As the lazy river glides by quietly
From lack of rain
And robins serenade the evening twilight
And bid good-bye to this day.

~Kathie Adams Brown (March 27, 2012)


  1. Hi Kathie

    Lovely, I really got a sense of the place and the season. You really convey a beautiful tranquil mood.

    The photo is a nice complement all the browns tie in nicely.



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