Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Symphony of Silence

Silence…Is a blanket of calm
Wrapped around me—
A stillness in my heart and my soul,
A quiet place of peace.

Silence…is a gag
Holding back my words,
Restraining my thoughts,
Restraining my voice,
Keeping a secret,
Allowing a lie to exist.

Silence is the non-sound
Of wings in the night,
Falling on prey,
Swift and sudden,
Unheard and unknown,
Then it is over.

Silence…is the sweet calm in the night,
The soft rocking of a chair,
And a newborn finally asleep.

~Kathie Adams Brown (August 14, 2011)


  1. Love the scenes of silence.. specially the newborn finally asleep.

  2. Kathie~ Your poem covers so many scenes of silence- I love the newborn finally asleep. Your image speaks of beautiful silence as well.

  3. Tarang Sinha, thank you.

    Patti, I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you.

  4. Heaven, thank you. Though it's been a long time since I have had a newborn I can still remember that blessed silence! Now it is my grandchildren that I rock to sleep!

  5. Hi Kathie

    This poem is really beautifully written. I really enjoyed the changing moods.



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