Friday, July 15, 2011

Maybe it's the Moonlight

Maybe it's the moonlight that's keeping me awake,
here on this summer night with teenagers wandering the streets
and cats fighting in the yard.
I heard their caterwauling,
then a car goes by,
and I am sitting here
in the false glow of my computer screen
missing out on moonlight.

I think I'll take a break
and shut this computer down
so I can hear the soft plop of water droplets from the recent rain,
and see the silver light of the summer moon
as it slips down the velvet sky towards dawn.

~Kathie Adams Brown (7-15-11)


  1. Yes. The computer. It connects us to the human world but breaks us apart from the rest of the natural world.

  2. Sandy, you of all people would get this! Thanks for stopping by to say Hi and read my poem!

  3. You said it so well...the false glow of technology, whether it is a computer or TV screen can keep us from so much beauty. I wish I would hear some rain soon!

  4. Ruth, right now, so do I! But heat is headed our way along with oppressive humidity! I will be staying inside with AC running.

  5. Hi Kathie I have nights like this, and the poem is a good strong reminder of the healing power of nature.


  6. Guy, so true and so glad someone else knows how it feels.


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