Sunday, March 20, 2011

I've Been Waiting for the Crocuses

I've been waiting for the crocuses
to poke their tender shoots
through frozen earth mud
and point the way skyward
until the warm kiss of spring
causes them to swell
and burst forth in bloom
with petal colors like confetti
strewn across the lawn.

~Kathie Adams Brown (3-7-11)

Crocuses in my backyard 3-18-11


  1. oh isn't it just lovely to see them bloom after all that waiting!

  2. Gorgeous colors and wonderful poem. Aah, lovely crocuses, the floral harbingers of spring.

  3. Me, too! What a great poem. May they come up soon!

  4. At last - they are nature's poems to spring! Lovely shots.

  5. Your words lock onto that inexplicable yearning that we all get after a long winter. I really really like this poem a lot.


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