Saturday, July 10, 2010

Questioning Robert Frost On This Road

We all know the adage of “The Road Not Taken,”
The poems and stories written that use this metaphor,
But what of when the road is real
And you are peering down its stony path and wondering
If you should follow where the road leads
Or strike out on your own?
There are no prophets here
To predict what lies ahead,
The decision is my own
And I must take the steps
This is not a metaphor,
this is my life,
and it is all about to change
on this road.

~kathie adams brown (7-9-10)

OSI Prompt 123: Roads


  1. Kathie, please let your heart guide you and go ahead. You will be happy to have taken that road some way down.

    Best of luck.

  2. Great title. Take him into the long grass and give him a good talking to. "More details, Bobby. And maps. I know you've got one. You're so confounded practical all the time."

    What changes? hope it is for the good.

  3. Sometimes I think, "Darn it all; why can't it be a metaphor." And then I think there really are no mistakes but a whole lot of moving--hopefully, forward.

  4. Harshad, thank you for your encouragment and kind advice!

    Pearl, like your sense of humor! Thanks!

    Sandy, perhaps you are a prophet? Do tell! And it is all good.

  5. Kathie, I have a good idea you would pick the road with the most birds.

  6. Well said, Kathie. I find it harder make those fork in the road choices now as I creep towards fifty.

  7. I love that poem, but I agree with yours! And I am so there- especially like Christine said, as I creep- ok- crawl- towards 50. Can't do the metaphors anymore- they are real life decisions and some are life changing. Wish it could be easier...

  8. fourwinds, you are so right!

    Quiet paths, isn't this so true!

    Patti, thanks for the empathy!

  9. 'This is not a metaphor' - excellent, too often too many people want it to be metaphor!


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